SG Series (Slim) Manual Retractable Awning

Advaning’s SG Series awnings are light weight, durable, and easy to use. The product utilizes a rugged 6063-T5 aluminum alloy frame with lateral arms that expand and retract using twin 316 grade stainless steel cables. These cables are superior corrosion-resistant to ensure many years of reliable use. All SG Series awnings come with a premium-grade 100% Acrylic fabric that provides UV80+ sun protection. Its weave mesh is also mildew and UV-fade resistant. The SG Series uses Advaning’s proprietary Easy Pitch™ feature that allows you to adjust the awning's front bar pitch in just 1 easy step. In addition to the SG Series’ light weight, yet sturdy design, it was also crafted to be easily installed and operated. The Advaning SG Series provides resort-grade outdoor comfort for you and your guests at an affordable price. Installation Videos and User Guides provide step-by-step instructions of installation.


  • Advaning SG Series manual light weight retractable awning
  • Simple open/close operation can be done via hand crank. No electricity needed.
  • Simple 1-step Easy Pitch system for front bar adjustment, no additional tools needed. (More detail)
  • Superior corrosion resistant 6063-T5 grade aluminum lateral arms and front bar
  • The UV80+ sun protective 100% Acrylic fabric is highly resistant to solar fading and mildew
  • Fabric tautening double heavy-duty springs in arms
  • Arms are inlaid with twin 316 grade stainless steel cables for superior corrosion resistance over traditional powder-coated steel
  • Included - Wall installation brackets
  • Included - Stainless steel 304 grade screws for wood or masonry structural applications
  • Included - 63-inch Hand crank for manual operation

Advaning Retractable Awning Comparison Table

fabric sample request

Product Numbers
  Fabric Color : A108
Fabric Color : A118
Fabric Name Burgundy Gray
12' x 10' MA1210-A108NG MA1210-A118NG
14' x 10' MA1410-A108NG MA1410-A118NG

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Manuals & Literature
Best retractable awnings

Retractable awnings can be useful for virtually anyone who owns some kind of property. Whether you live on the property, work at the property, or simply rent the property out, awnings can provide value. For those who live or work on the property, awnings can help reduce electricity costs associated with cooling the interior as well as protect window-adjacent furniture. Landlords can benefit from the increased property value that awnings provide.

The Advaning Classic Series - When it comes to high-end awnings, few companies have developed as solid of a reputation as Advaning. Though they have a tendency to cost significantly more than many of their competitors, they are also noted for a high level of quality.

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See What Everyone's Talking About
 Model # : MA1410-A108NG, Size : 14x10 (ft), Color: Burgundy?
Date : 5/31/2018
I am extremely satisfied with the company and the awning. I had phoned customer service before my purchase with a technical question concerning the install. After I received my answer I placed my order. The awning arrived by truck within a week. The install was very easy and install and operation was as described in the manual and in the video. The overall construction of the awning is excellent and operation is flawless. I do recommend this awning.
- From an Customer Review

 Model # : MA1410-A108NG, Size : 14x10 (ft), Color: Burgundy?
Date : 4/5/2018
Great price! Free shipping was very fast. The quality of the awning appears very high with good design. I installed it myself quite easily using a couple of pulleys to lift it into place, setting it in the brackets which I installed, then bolting it in place onto the brackets. All works perfect. I'm very pleased with the purchase.
- From an Customer Review

 Model # : MA1410-A108NG, Size : 14x10 (ft), Color: Burgundy?
Date : 3/13/2018
Received the awning directly from Advaning, right on time, and the shipping was free for a 160+ lb. awning & pallet. Advaning ships it on a wooden pallet so it doesn't get twisted or bent. Pilot shipping keep the wooden pallet and moved the double boxed 14' awning into my garage without a hitch. I mention this since it's a large awning, and getting rid of the pallet would have been extra work for me, and I was grateful for the great job Pilot shipping did and how well the awning was packaged so it wouldn't get damaged. I used a week to see if I could get a contractor to give me some quotes on installation on my stucco sided house. The 1st was over $900.00 and the 2nd was $400.00. I decided to do the installation myself. 12" & 14" Advaning awning come with 3 brackets. I decided to purchase and addition bracket for the $49.99 from Advaning, since my house is stucco on the outside and I wanted an addition amount of support for this 68 lb. awning. The instructions are straight forward for most homes, but doesn't really address stucco sided style homes. The critical issue is getting the holes drilled for the brackets over where the wall studs are. Advaning includes the hardware for installation, i.e. the 4" ~ 3/8" diameter lag bolts. In the configuration where I wanted to put the awning, I had to cover a window, sliding door and another widow. 2 brackets on the each end and 2 more between each window. I had prepared to not find studs between the windows and the sliding glass door, with some heavy duty 3/8" bolt Snapple Toggle (size BC) that will support 275 lb. in 1/2" drywall, 576 lb.s in 5/8" drywall, 1755 lb.s in concrete. What they might hold in Stucco depends on the thickness of the stucco, but I figured if I had 2 of the brackets into the wall studs, with the other 2 in stucco with these with the 2" toggles holding behind the stucco I'd be ok. Advaning does NOT recommend using anything except the supplied hardware, but since the 12/14' take 3 brackets I decided to risk using the 3/8" bolt sided toggles if I had too. In my case I was able to find all 4 studs for each of the brackets. Take your time, find the studs from the inside of the house and measure twice or three times to get the holes directly over the wall studs so you don't miss them. I drilled through the stucco with a hammer drill and 3/8" masonry drill bit till I reached the wood. Recommendations for a 3/8" lag bolt into wood is a 15/64" drill bit which is what I used. 3/8" = .375", the inner diameter for the shank minus the threads is about .285" or so. 15/64" = .234375. So, the 15/64" (.234375") pilot hole gives the .375" lag bolts a lot of wood to grip in. Mine when in pretty hard, but I didn't want them to pull out. The instructions DON'T include what size drill bits you might need, you need to figure that out on your own. That missing info was my only complain, and I'm sure Advaning figures if you're going to install this on your own, you should know this stuff. I had to look online, but it all worked out. Long long story, but got the brackets up all lag bolts into studs, and with the help of my son we clean and jerked the 14" awning into the brackets and bolted em up. It fit perfect, and had the awning unrolled in no time after it was up in the brackets. I can't say how good it's going to work when summer time gets here. The awing works easy to move in and out, though I can see why folks get an electric one as it takes quite a few turns to move it out fully or to retract it. It isn't difficult, just a lot of turns. Great awning Advaning! I got it on sale direct from them, and as I mentioned, no cost shipping, and the awning was in perfect shape and works superb. Thanks
- From an Customer Review

Series SG Series (Slim)
Operation Manual
Feature Slim Heavy Duty
Width (ft) 12, 14
Projection (ft) 10, 10
Frame Color
Fabric Color
Cassette Size No Cassette
Screws - Lag Screws Stainless Steel 304 Grade (Screw Size: 3/8"x4", Drill Bit Size:¼")
Screws - Masonry Bolt Stainless Steel 304 Grade (Bolt Size: ½"x3", Drill Bit Size:½")
Torsion Bar 40x40mm Steel, Zinc+Powder Coated
Easy PitchTM
Roller Tube 70mm diameter Aluminum 6063-T5
Arm cables Double 4mm Cables, Stainless Steel Grade 316, PVC Coated
Springs Double Springs
Front Bar Aluminum 6063-T5
Arm Aluminum 6063-T5
Wall Mounting Bracket
Soffit Mounting Bracket
Worm Gear 1:11
Motor with Remote
Manual Override Motor
Power Cord & Power Plug
Fabric 100% Premium Acrylic
UV, Fade, Mildew Resistant
Water Repellent

Easy Pitch™

1-Step pitch adjustment for perfect shade coverage

Manual Retractable Awning Aluminum 6063-T5 Arms

Aluminum 6063-T5 Arms

Excellent strength and corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel 304 Screws

Excellent corrosion resistance


Got a question on installation?
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Measuring Guide

Awning Installation Video

Adjust the pitch using Easy Pitch™

Valance Removal Video

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