C Series (Classic) Electric Retractable Awning

Advaning C (Classic) Series awnings are professionally designed to deliver user-friendly features and superior quality. Quality 6063-T5 aluminum alloy using twin 316 grade stainless steel cables ensure corrosion-resistant durability for years to come. All C Series awnings come with a 100% Acrylic fabric that provides UV80+ sun protection and excellent fade/mildew resistance. User-friendly features such as Easy Pitch™ allow you to simply adjust the awning's front bar pitch in just 1 step. All Advaning retractable awnings come with an all-in-one aluminum semi-cassette hood for fabric protection. The Advaning C series is designed to provide you and your family the freedom to enjoy the outdoors in greater comfort at an affordable price. An installation video and user's instruction sheet cover the step-by-step process of installing it without a problem.


  • Advaning Classic C Series electric with remote semi-cassette retractable awning
  • Corrosion resistant 6063-T5 grade aluminum semi-cassette hood for fabric and motor protection.
  • Corrosion resistant 6063-T5 grade aluminum lateral arms and front bar.
  • The UV80+ sun protective 100% Acrylic fabric is highly resistant to solar fading and mildew.
  • Highly breathable Acrylic fabric won’t trap heat and moisture like vinyl and polyester canopies are prone to do.
  • Arms inlaid with twin 316 marine and architectural grade stainless steel cables that are corrosion resistant and of superior strength over traditional powder-coated steel cables.
  • Included - Corrosion resistant wall and soffit installation brackets.
  • Included - Stainless steel 304 grade architectural paneling grade screws for wood or masonry structural applications.
  • Included - Remote control and 63-inch hand crank for electric/manual operation
  • Simple 1-step Easy Pitch system for front bar adjustment, no additional tools needed.
  • 100% Fully assembled and ready for installation.
  • Installation instructions and video available.

Advaning Retractable Awning Comparison Table

fabric sample request

Product Numbers
  Fabric Color : A208
Fabric Color : A332
Fabric Color : A222
Fabric Color : A225
Fabric Color : A230
Fabric Name Canvas Umber Natural Beige with
Brick Red Stripes
Forest Green with
Cream Stripes
Sunny Yellow with
Gray Stripes
Forest Green
with Beige Stripes
8' x 7' EA0807-A208H EA0807-A332H EA0807-A222H - -
10' x 8' EA1008-A208H EA1008-A332H EA1008-A222H EA1008-A225H EA1008-A230H
12' x 10' EA1210-A208H EA1210-A332H EA1210-A222H EA1210-A225H EA1210-A230H
13' x 10' EA1310-A208H EA1310-A332H EA1310-A222H - -
16' x 10' EA1610-A208H EA1610-A332H EA1610-A222H - -

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Manuals & Literature
Best retractable awnings

Retractable awnings can be useful for virtually anyone who owns some kind of property. Whether you live on the property, work at the property, or simply rent the property out, awnings can provide value. For those who live or work on the property, awnings can help reduce electricity costs associated with cooling the interior as well as protect window-adjacent furniture. Landlords can benefit from the increased property value that awnings provide.

The Advaning Classic Series - When it comes to high-end awnings, few companies have developed as solid of a reputation as Advaning. Though they have a tendency to cost significantly more than many of their competitors, they are also noted for a high level of quality.

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See What Everyone's Talking About
  Model # : EA1610-A208H, Size : 16x10 (ft), Color: Canvas Umber
Date : 6/11/2018
Just finished installing the 16 ft awning and we love it. Well made, solid design. Deploys and retracts smooth with motor or manually and is easy to adjust pitch. It's easy to install if you're reasonably mechanically inclined. One person can do most of it, but you'll want two for setting it in place. Comes with 3 solid brackets, just get them all aligned then slip the main beam into the slot.The shipping is crazy, comes on a very long pallet. I was a bit worried with some box damage, but the foam inside did its job and the unit had no issues.We have a brick patio that gets super hot in the summer, looking forward to a cool summer this year.
- From an Amazon.com Customer Review

  Model # : EA1310-A208H, Size : 13x10 (ft), Color: Canvas Umber
Date : 5/29/2018
Very easy install. The toughest part was finding the studs and making sure that the spacing of the brackets would not interfere with a structure on the cassette. It is surprisingly heavy, so get a strong person to help when lifting into place. I got the 13' awning so it came with 3 hanging brackets, but only two of the brackets had the mounting bolts included, so that added a trip to the hardware store and $15 to the effort.The delivery was on time and in good order.Once the brackets were up, the awning snapped into place. We installed over a patio about 80' from our house and my wife is pleased that the remote control allows her to open and close the awning before heading out to the patio.Very nice. Very simple installation.
- From an Amazon.com Customer Review

  Model # : EA1610-A332H, Size : 16x10 (ft), Color: Natural Beige with Brick Red Stripes
Date : 5/26/2018
We were shocked at how simple and fast it was to install this awning ourselves. It works beautifully with our new Tiny House and brings the finishing touch we were looking for to add beauty and functionality. We priced it in the big box stores and it was 2-3 times more expensive. With this one, we even have a remote control to use inside or out. We have a pass through from the kitchen to the outdoor bar top eating area on the deck. The shade this adds to the kitchen too is great. When the wind suddenly comes up, you don't have the trouble of manually cranking it down, you simply press a button.
In tiny house living, it's even more important to bring the indoors out and the outdoors in. The awning on our deck completes the project so perfectly and we get so many compliments! To see this product on HGTV, look up Tiny House Paradise episodes for summer 2018 and search for The Bohemian Bungalow in Texas.
- From an Amazon.com Customer Review


  Model # : EA1310-A208H, Size : 13x10 (ft), Color: Canvas Umber
Date : 5/14/2018
We love our new awning. Bought this for a very sunny spot on our back garden. Installed ourselves. You definitely need two people, however, I can't lift much. My husband used two very sturdy ladders, we lifted one end up and rested it on ladder as securing other end. Finding the studs in the wall (we have vinyl on this section of our house) was the hardest part. We ended up finding the studs inside then best guessed from the outside. Good news is our one mistake is covered by awning housing! Very sturdy, attractive, even the remote is attractive! We have attached the remote to the wall inside so I don't have to go out in the event of rain. Does hold up to light rain and winds >12mph but nothing more would I recommend.
- From an Amazon.com Customer Review

  Model # : EA1210-A208H, Size : 12x10 (ft), Color: Canvas Umber
Date : 3/29/2018
Very happy with my new awning! Very good quality and super simple installation. A 50+ woman and a 60+ man installed it. Initially I was concerned because it was about a $1000 less than other awning. I’m glad I took a chance. It has made my patio look much nicer and more comfortable without the hot sun beating down on us. The remote makes it very easy to open and close and the manual crack it easy to use as well. Also the shipping was free and fast. I received it approx 7 business days after ordering. I definitely would recommend advaning!
- From an Advaning Shop Customer Review

Series C Series (Classic)
Operation Electric
Feature Classic Heavy Duty Semi-Cassette Closure
Width (ft) 8, 10, 12, 13, 16
Projection (ft) 7, 8, 10, 10, 10
Frame Color
Fabric Color
Cassette Size 183x47mm High Quality Aluminum 6063-T5
Screws - Lag Screws Stainless Steel 304 Grade (Screw Size: 3/8"x4", Drill Bit Size:¼")
Screws - Masonry Bolt Stainless Steel 304 Grade (Bolt Size: ½"x3", Drill Bit Size:½")
Torsion Bar 40x40mm Steel, Zinc+Powder Coated
Easy PitchTM
Roller Tube 70mm diameter Aluminum 6063-T5
Arm cables Double 4mm Cables, Stainless Steel Grade 316, PVC Coated
Springs Single Spring
Front Bar Aluminum 6063-T5
Arm Aluminum 6063-T5
Wall Mounting Bracket
Soffit Mounting Bracket
Worm Gear 1:24
Motor with Remote
Manual Override Motor
Power Cord & Power Plug
Fabric 100% Acrylic with UV80+ Protection
UV, Fade, Mildew Resistant
Water Repellent

Easy Pitch™

1-Step pitch adjustment for perfect shade coverage

Electric Retractable Awning Aluminum 6063-T5 Arms

Aluminum 6063-T5 Arms

Excellent strength and corrosion resistance

Stainless Steel 304 Screws

Excellent corrosion resistance

Electric Retractable Awning Aluminum Semi-Cassette Closure

Aluminum Semi-Cassette Closure

All-in-one aluminum cassette for fabric protection


ADVANING Retractable Awning
Comparison Table


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Measuring Guide

Awning Installation Video

Adjust the pitch using Easy Pitch™

Valance Removal Video