Installation Video

Got a question on installation? Our videos might be able to help.

Retractable Awning

Measuring Guide

Determine where the best location at your residence would be to have your Advaning brand awning installed.  
We provide a simple measuring guide to help you determine the proper awning size that is best suited for your space.

Awning Installation Video

Installing an Advaning brand awning to your home has never been easier! 
Learn the quick and easy steps needed to properly mount your awning and find out how it will greatly enhance your outdoor front or backyard experience.
*The actual awning accessories may look different from what is portrayed in the video. Please contact Advaning for photo verification if needed.

Adjust the pitch using Easy Pitch™

Advaning’s safe and simple Easy Pitch™ design reduces a complex, 12-step process of adjusting your awning’s canopy pitch into one easy step. The slope of your canopy may need to be changed to deal with the sun’s position at various times of day. For this reason alone, the process should be swift and simple. Other brands offer an adjustable pitch in a more complicated multi-step process that typically involves the use of a ladder and small hand tools.

Going up ladders with small hand tools to make these necessary adjustments is potentially hazardous, especially to people with disabilities. The Easy Pitch™ mechanism allows you to stay on the ground and out of harm’s way. All that is required is to use the hand crank that is included with the awning. Simply twist right or left to achieve the desired angle of pitch and you’re all set.

Valance Removal Video

Advaning L+S Series Arm Adjustment: Forward and Backward

Advaning C+SG Series Arm Adjustment: Forward and Backward

Door  Awning

PA Series Door Awning Installation Video

PN Series Door/Window Awning Installation Video