Best Retractable Awnings


Tune in to see Advaning’s latest media appearance on HGTV’s Tiny House Paradise (Tiny Texas Oasis).

Aug. 27, 2018

In this edition, our Electric Classic Series Awning brought the perfect cover to a small-home porch in the heart of the tranquil Texas countryside.  The awning’s durable construction uses industry certified materials built to last through many years of cool breezes and captivating sunsets in the majestic surroundings of the natural world.

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Tiny Texas Oasis


Best retractable awnings

Advaning Named “Editor’s Choice” for Best Retractable Awnings in the Green Yard Master's 2018 Buyer’s Guide

May 3, 2018

Retractable awnings can be useful for virtually anyone who owns some kind of property. Whether you live on the property, work at the property, or simply rent the property out, awnings can provide value. For those who live or work on the property, awnings can help reduce electricity costs associated with cooling the interior as well as protect window-adjacent furniture. Landlords can benefit from the increased property value that awnings provide.

The Advaning Classic Series - When it comes to high-end awnings, few companies have developed as solid of a reputation as Advaning. Though they have a tendency to cost significantly more than many of their competitors, they are also noted for a high level of quality.

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